Time Tutelary Automatic Watch Winder KA003W White

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The KA003W is a compact, white, single automatic watch winder which is easy to operate with a quiet motor. It automatically rotates for 1 hour with a 3 hour rest period (2160 TPD). Most people have an everyday watch and a special occasion watch. The problem is if they're both automatic watches, when you wear one the other isn't being wound enough. This white automatic watch winder fixes that problem. With enough space to fit a large chunky adult watch and still be able to close the lid there is no watch that you won't be able to keep fully wound. With a preset program set to auto rotate for an hour and rest for three hours, you won't even notice it is there. If you need to keep your spare watch wound, then you need this winding box.
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Product Description

Having an extra watch is both a blessing and a curse. It's nice to have a fancy watch to wear for special occasions and job interviews, but if both of your watches are automatic watches, there will always be at least one watch at a time that isn't getting wound enough. If your job interview watch isn't wound enough to keep accurate time, that is the last thing you need! Fortunately, there is a solution. This automatic watch winder will ensure that your automatic watch is kept at optimal time keeping standards at all times. With an hour on and a three hour off cycle, it will keep going until your watch is ready to keep time accurately for as long as you require. The space inside is surprisingly roomy for something that takes up minimal space on your dresser, there is enough room for you to fit a large chunky adult male watch inside there and still easily close the lid without scratching the watch face. You won't ever have to worry again about your watch letting you down because it will be fully winded and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. It doesn't even take up much room on your dressing table either, and the motor is surprisingly quiet too. You'll hardly know it's there until it comes time to take your watch out and wear it, then you will definitely know. If you own an automatic watch that isn't worn regularly then this product is an essential purchase.


Our best selling white, single automatic watch winder with a transparent viewing window. The KA003W is easy to operate, simply choose your direction and turn it on. It has an adjustable pillow for your watch to sit in securely. When running the motor is quiet, it runs for 1 hour with a 3-hour rest, you can choose to have the winder spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise.


Approx. dims 128 x 140 x 156mm
Approx. wgt: 400gms
Colour: White


  • Fits watch case up to 50mm
  • Fits watch strap between 165-203mm
  • Power: I/P: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A O/P: DC 4V 500mA
  • Multi-directional wind clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Auto rotate 1 hr and rest 3 hrs (2160 TPD)
  • Also available in black


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Good product.
7th November 2016