Snug Rug Soft Throw Blankets

Genuine Snug Rug blankets finest 270gsm luxury Sherpa fleece which is super soft to touch. This blanket can be used as sofa as a TV blanket, couch throw or general everyday blanket. Keep yourself snug and warm when at home and save money on rising heating bills. Available in all popular colours including Grey, Cream and Brown and we also have exclusive colours navy and Purple that are only available from CKB Ltd. How often do you wonder about what you're going to do as the winter months draw in? It gets colder and colder each year. Without fail, even if the snow fails to come. It's getting harder and harder to be able to put the heating on. The increase in fuel bills, especially during the winter months makes it an impossible task to stay warm. Sure, you can put on extra layers, but while it keeps you warm to a degree it is uncomfortable and doesn't really help keep your extremities warm. What can you do? Buy a log burner and stock it with wood? Well firewood isn't cheap anymore, and there is always the danger of burning the house down too! The only sensible solution is to buy yourself an amazing snug rug throw blanket. All you have to do is cover yourself with these amazing warm blankets and you'll be warm all through the winter. Not only can these blankets be used to keep you warm but they are perfect to layer your sofa to ensure that when you sit down it's toasty warm. You won't ever have to worry about spiralling heating bills once you have one of these blankets. Read more