Magnetic Fridge Boards

We live in a busy and frantic world and sometimes it can hard to organise family and work life, maybe it's time to invest if a weekly planner that will sort out your week. This simple planning solution is magnetic so will stick to a fridge in the kitchen which is the best place to have a planner as you can guarantee that all the family will pass the kitchen at some point in the day. We don't just sell planners! We also have 31-day calendars to mark key dates that month. This magnetic product will stick to any metal surface so is also ideal for offices and food establishments.

Meal planners for dieters, fitness fanatics and families looking to better organise family meals which will save you money on the shopping bill. Reward charts for children are a great way to motivate a child to behave correctly in a more positive, constructive way.

We also now have blank A3 magnetic sheets that you can use for anything you wish