Magnetic Fridge Whiteboard

In the modern world it's exceedingly difficult to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Everyone has different plans, everyone has different ideas about what they want to do. Everyone is living their own life. That's not always helpful when you're trying to keep tabs on your whole family, or plan family nights out. You sometimes need a little help. What with smart phones and tablets these days you can easily sync everyone's calendars and it's all good to go right? Wrong. Your kids never check their calendars. There is only one calendar they ever check, that is their parents. They ask you if it's okay for them to do something and you either say yes or no and then they do it anyway. So what are you going to do to solve the problem? It's simple really, all you need is a fridge whiteboard. You put it on the fridge, you plan out the family schedule and you're all good to go. Fortunately we have a wonderful selection of fridge memo board to allow you to plan every single thing you need to. This simple planning solution is magnetic so will stick to a fridge in the kitchen which is the best place to have a planner as you can guarantee that all the family will pass the kitchen at some point in the day. We don't just sell planners! We also have 31-day calendars to mark key dates that month. This magnetic fridge whiteboard will stick to any metal surface so is also ideal for offices and food establishments. Read more