Bottle Openers

There is nothing worse than having a perfect bottle all ready to drink and not having a way to open it. Not everyone keeps bottle openers at hand. It can really kill the mood when you bring out the bottle of wine you've been saving for ten years to celebrate your daughter's graduation and all you can do is look at it longingly. Dave from accounts has a bottle opener but he doesn't have a corkscrew There's nothing you can do. Or is there? CKB Ltd have everything you might need to make sure that whatever bottle you might have to open, we can help you do it. If you're the kind of person who likes to do everything with minimal effort then we have got just the thing for you. An electric wine bottle opener. Removing all of the effort required to use a corkscrew, all you have to do is place the opener on the bottle, press a button and you'll be celebrating before you know it. This really will make the whole process as easy as possible. We don't just have the latest technology to solve your bottle opening issues though, we have some amazing corkscrews that will let you show off your old school skills. We have regular corkscrew, but if you want something more unique we have a wide range of novelty corkscrews available as well. From bullet casings to being shaped like an owl we have got whatever you might need. Just because they're more unique than a traditional corkscrew doesn't mean they can't do their job though, these novelty corkscrews will open your bottle perfectly. Not only can they help you to open your wine bottles with ease, but they have regular beer bottle openers too. So if you fancy something a little different one night, you can just whip out your all purpose bottle opener and you're good to go. What about if you're out at a friend's house and need to open a bottle? Don't worry, we have some fantastic key rings that double us as a bottle opener. So not only can you be the master of bottles in your own home but you can also come to the rescue of your woefully under prepared friends too! If you're the kind of person who likes to have their home double up as a bar we have something more permanent for your beer bottles too. Our great selection of wall mounted bottle openers will mean you can swiftly and easily open bottles for your friends whenever you're playing bartender. We have everything from the functional to being an interesting conversation piece too; All of our wall mounted beer bottle openers will provide you with a simple to use and great looking tool for your home bar. If that's not your thing but you still like to be the bartender then we have a number of easy open bartender tools to help you get right into those beer bottles. No matter what your favourite way to open a bottle in your home bar we have got what you need. If champagne is your deal then we have something for that too! Our sparkling wine cork opener won't just help to pop the cork on your champers, but it has a guard at the top to catch the cork so you won't hit anyone with it, or more importantly break your priceless collection of comic book figures. No matter what you need when it comes to opening bottles, we have something to help you out. All you have to do is take a look around and you won't be disappointed. Read more